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Surviving a Small Town Blizzard

January 18, 2024

What’s it like to live in a small town when a blizzard hits? Let me tell you…

The Public Works department has been short handed for over a month now. The now 3-man department has been running trash and trying to keep the streets clear. How do we do that? We have help from the LMU crew. 

When the snow comes ‘round the clock… our crews run very long days. They have been running from before dawn to dusk for days. While we’re all home toasty warm, they’re doing their best to keep the roads open and their equipment running. Not so people can make their Casey’s run, but so emergency services can get to you if needed. An ambulance is 18 minutes out on a good day.

Speaking of emergency personnel… in a small town, like ours… a few do a lot of things. Our Public Works director is the Fire Chief and his number 2 is also a fireman on our volunteer department. 

While the City streets are clear, lots of rural residents are snowed in. We are very fortunate to have extremely dedicated employees putting the City’s needs ahead of their own and giving up their evenings and weekends to continue working to keep travel possible.
Though the City/LMU crews have been working extremely long hours, they have had a lot of support from the community and are thankful that most have been very understanding and patient. 

A nod also goes to the Mayor and Council who have authorized the “any means necessary” approach to handling this event. The BIG thank you goes to those putting in the work: Bruce Blair, Marty Elliott, Andy Kinder, Jesse Maize, Casey Ogier, David Robbins, Curt Shields, Scott Shields, Kyra & Tom Stevenson, and Peter Vogel. 

Also working ‘round the clock, no matter the conditions are the Police Department and Volunteer EMT’s. We cannot thank you each and every one of you enough for taking such good care of us all!

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