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Lamoni was founded as a church colony in 1879 when it was platted as a town. The earliest settlers had come approximately 30 years before the laying out of the town. The first was a group who came from 1834 to 1840 thought they were settling in Missouri. In those days there was intense feeling and marked division over the slavery issue.

Missouri was drawing several settlers because it was open to slave holding. A number of this early band brought slaves to be held in the southern territory.  They miscalculated a few miles on the boundary and found they could not hold slaves in the Iowa Territory.  Lamoni’s real beginnings, however, do not spring from this group.

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Two unusual pioneer groups came into the early history of the section of the country.  The one was that of the refugees from Nauvoo who were moving westward and who established a camp at Garden Grove from 1826-1852 as a stopping place on the journey.  The other was the Hungarian colony at New Buda about 1851, following the Hungarian Revolution of 1848.  It had been planned to establish a large settlement and invite immigration. Neither of these temporary colonies had permanent influence.


The County was organized April 1, 1850.  In July of that year the County Seat was located at the nearby place of Decatur. The County itself being named after Stephen Decatur, a distinguished Officer in the War of 1812.  During the Fall, a log court house was built and soon after the County Seat was moved to a town named Independence.  It happened that Iowa had another town by that name and so in 1854, by act of the legislature, the name was changed to Leon.  A pretty well established county organization preceded the founding of Lamoni.

The first settlers who really influenced local history were those who came to the area now known as Pleasanton.  Shortly after 1850 the Morey, Keown, Moffet and Hinkle families moved in.  These had been members of the old Latter Day Saint Church. In 1859, they accepted the claims of the Reorganization and effected a local organization, a new slant came into the affairs of this territory.

This excerpt taken from LAMONI The Story of a Town Established Fifty Years Ago 1879-1929.

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Lamoni, Iowa is located at the cross section of Interstate 35 and Highway 69. At our Crossroads, you’ll find an immersion of agriculture, industry and family.  We are a community proud of its rich Amish contingent, strong faith base and innovative workforce.

The Community of Lamoni is  committed to fostering growth of exceptional leaders who work together to build a progressive community. We are fully invested in the foundation of Lamoni—family, education, business and technological advancement. Our mission is not only a principle of leadership, it is a way of living.

We ask you to join us as we Lead On Lamoni.


We welcome you to the community joined together to guide the future – Lead on Lamoni. “Lead on” is a positive statement for future growth. It promotes taking a leadership role in education, community, technology and business.

Lamoni is located at the cross section of Interstate 35 and Highway 69. Our new logo represents the crossing of Lamoni with each symbolic quadrant as a part of the intersection.

The Crossing of Pride and Progress

The Crossing of Family and Future

The Crossing of Education and Opportunity

The Crossing of Advancement and Innovation