Lamoni Public Works

Lamoni Public Works Department

The Lamoni Public Works Department combines the two areas of Street Maintenance and Trash Services.
Manager: Curt Shields

135 S. Linden
(641) 784-3700
Office Hours: M-F 8:00 a.m. – noon

Trash Guidelines

Residential trash is collected weekly and must be placed at the curb by 8:00 a.m. A wheeled cart is provided for your convenience. By State law you are allowed one full cart per week. Extra trash bags placed outside the cart must have a yellow tag purchased at the Public Works Department. Extra carts are available for $18 per month. Dumpsters are available for bulk service upon request and are billed directly by the Public Works Department. The monthly $22.50 fee is included on your utility bill, and $3.50 of this fee supports the City’s membership in the local landfill.

Collection Day
Highway 69 designates your collection day. Tuesday pickup includes the residences located along the highway, and South and East of the highway. Residences on the West and North sides are picked up on Wednesday. Golf Ridge customers are picked up on Friday.

Holiday Schedule
The City of Lamoni follows the State of Iowa holiday schedule for employees, which may affect your trash and recycling schedule.  Holiday schedule changes will be posted in the blog on this website, the Lamoni Facebook page, and the Lamoni Chronicle.  Please contact the Public Works Department if you have questions.

Business Customers
Commercial pickup is privately contracted and is billed directly by the Public Works Department.  Businesses are required to also pay the $3.50 Landfill User Fee to support the City’s membership in the local landfill.

Special Services
To request a special pickup, please contact the Public Works Department during office hours (M-F 8:00 a.m. – noon). You may leave a voicemail if you call outside of regular office hours.
Phone: (641) 784-3700 / Email:  / Office: 135 S. Linden

$250 per load + landfill fee Dump Truck
$3.50 Car tire
$4.00 Pickup truck tire
$5.00 Large pickup truck tire
$7.50 Semi-truck tires
$2.00 + tire fee above Dismounting fee for rims
$19.00 Extra wheeled cart for weekly pickup
$2.00 Stickers for extra bags
$20.00 Hide-A-Bed
$10.00 Couch
$25.00 per hopper load Carpet
$10.00 Mattress
Free TV
$25.00 per hopper load Remodeling debris
Free Metals
$35.00 Trip charge for appliances outside of Lamoni city limits. Appliances within city limits are free.
Businesses, special services, and customers outside the city limits are billed directly by Public Works.  Accounts 30 days past due are charged 2% interest per month. Service will be terminated and container(s) removed for accounts 60 days past due. A $25.00 fee plus full amount owed must be paid before container(s) will be returned.

Recycling Guidelines

Curbside recycling is provided on your first trash collection day of the month and needs to be placed at the curb by 7:00 a.m.  Set clean and dry recyclables at the drivable edge of your curb in lightweight, reusable containers, preferably with handles. The container used for paper should be watertight. Your containers will be left behind after pickup.  Items to be recycled must be sorted according to the guidelines below.

Cardboard (Weekly)
There are many different types of cardboard that can be recycled, including corrugated, cereal and pre-packaged food boxes, toothpaste, shoe, laundry soap, etc.  Note: All cardboard must be flattened.

  1. Empty the box of all packing material.
  2. Flatten the box and place securely in a container next to your cart. It will be recycled weekly with your regular trash pickup. Small flattened boxes may be placed in a brown paper sack. The sack and all contents will be recycled.

Paper (Monthly)
All paper is recycled together. This includes newspaper, junk mail, magazines, catalogs, soft and hardback books. Do not include cardboard with your paper products.

Plastic (Monthly)
All colors of #1 and #2 milk, food, and laundry containers are recyclable. By law all plastic containers have a recycling code on the container. Look for a circle of arrows with a number inside to determine the type of plastic.

  1. Remove caps and rings.
  2. Rinse clean, and step on each container to flatten.
  3. Do not tie plastic items together with string.

Metals (Monthly)
All metals can be recycled including tin/aluminum food cans, brass, foil, and other metals.

  1. Rinse can clean
  2. Cut both ends of can and step on each can to flatten.
  3. Place cans in five gallon buckets or other lightweight reusable containers with handles. Long items six feet and under can be laid by the curb.

Glass (Monthly)
Clear food glass jars and bottles are the only acceptable glass for recycling. Lids and foil seals must be removed, and jars and bottles rinsed clean. Paper labels do not need to be removed.

  1. NO mirror glass
  2. NO broken glass
  3. NO window glass
  4. NO brown or green glass

Yard Waste Guidelines

Yard waste collection is the third Thursday of each month and must be placed to the drivable edge of the curb by 8:00 a.m. no more than five days before pickup. Yard waste may include branches, leaves, bush, and grass clippings.

  1. Do not use trash cans for yard waste
  2. Do not store at curb longer than five days before pickup
  3. NO trash, cans, or bottles mixed in
  4. Do not place yard waste with trash for regular collection


  1. Maximum length five feet.
  2. If over three inches in diameter, cut into two and a half (2 1/2) foot lengths.
  3. Stack limbs neatly with butt ends along edge of street so creaws can easily pick up an armload at a time to load in truck.
  4. Small bush trimmings and twigs must be bagged.


  1. Dry leaves must be bagged.
  2. Wet leaves and grass must be bagged with a ten-pound limit.
  3. Do not tie bags to make dumping contents easier for crew. Paper bags will be recycled along with leaves. Plastic bags will be thrown away after contents have been dumped.