Lamoni Community Schools

The Lamoni Community School District is located in South-Central Iowa, roughly 5 miles from the Missouri Border, in Lamoni, Iowa. Lamoni CSD students come from Lamoni as well as other towns in the area, including Kellerton and Davis City.

The school district consists of three centers — elementary school, middle school, and high school (which are all connected) — and had a 2014/2015 PreK-12 enrollment of 360 students, with 36 teachers and 43 support staff.  Twenty-two percent of the school’s faculty held advanced degrees, with average years of experience at 11.34 years. The administrative team of the district includes a superintendent and a PreK-12 principal. The teacher-pupil ratio in the district is 10:1.

The Lamoni Community Elementary School is a regional and state leader in curriculum development.  It was one of the first schools in the state to develop a natural approach to reading and writing instruction.  The faculty has also added manipulatives to the math curriculum and adopted cooperative learning across several grade levels. The elementary school is fortunate to have three state funded preschool classrooms that can serve up to 58 children.  The preschool has a collaborative agreement with many partners such as Funshine Learning Center and Graceland University.

The Lamoni Community Middle School has a variety of special features including team planning, exploratory courses, and age appropriate social activities.

The Lamoni Community High School offers an excellent array of courses on the home campus and through cooperative programs with the North Central Vocational Center in Bethany, Missouri, and Graceland University. The cooperative program through Graceland University provides students with the ability to attend university level courses for which they can receive college credit.

The Lamoni Community School District is a member of the South Central Consortium network team, which includes 7 member schools. The Consortium is a result of a grant received from the New Iowa Schools Development Corporation (NISCD) and is an attempt to offer expanded/extended-learning opportunities for students through cooperative efforts among member schools. The school enjoys strong community support and an active booster club.

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