Emergency Medical Services (EMS)


Lamoni EMS

About: Lamoni EMS is an advanced care prehospital volunteer service, which seeks to preserve life and to provide mutual aid to Lamoni and surrounding areas.
Email: lamoniems@yahoo.com
Chief: Aaron Neeley, AEMT
Assistant Chief: Denise Elefson, EMT PS
Volunteers: Amanda Edsall, Doug Foster, Cliff Neeley, Janie Neeley


Bureau of EMS
National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians

Become a Volunteer for Lamoni EMS:

Lamoni EMS is currently seeking new members. More responders would help us better serve this community and get each citizen the care they deserve. We are looking for individuals who are compassionate, ethical, hardworking, strong, currently living in Lamoni, willing to work in all conditions and all times of the day, and committed to learning. EMS is challenging, and getting the certification takes dedication and study, but EMS personnel save lives and make a community safe. There is no better feeling than knowing you can make a difference. Here are some tips and expectations for becoming a Lamoni EMS volunteer:

1. Choose a certification level. You have several options: EMR (Emergency Medical Responder), EMT (Emergency Medical Technician), AEMT (Advanced Emergency Medical Technician), and Paramedic.

2. Find a certification class. You can contact Lamoni EMS to find out which classes are being offered in the area. Paramedic classes require EMT certification or higher. Emergency medical classes will take you through the steps of becoming a registered provider.

3. Once certified, you can fill out a Lamoni EMS Application, and submit it to the Lamoni EMS chief. Also, please read the Lamoni EMS Bylaws and retain a copy for your files.