Phasing in Lead On Lamoni

Lamoni’s Lead On Lamoni marketing plan is designed to keep residents and businesses here while encouraging people to move to the community and start families. It underscores the need to expand and increase the current local businesses and their workforce while at the same time focusing on attracting new business and industry. “Lead On Lamoni takes a positive approach concentrating on our already solid foundation while stimulating future growth in education, farming, and industry,” said Doug Foster, Lamoni Mayor.

To accomplish this, the plan establishes three phases. An internal approach is aimed at keeping existing residents and businesses in the community. An external strategy takes aim at those who come and leave – increasing tourists and travelers by providing a wonderful experience during their visit. In addition to attracting new residents, a second external action – those that come and stay – is to attract business and industry.

Internal Audience – This is why we never left

By working with current Lamoni businesses, the plan calls for the development of a cohesive Lamoni Business Marketing Plan. Keeping the community involved and informed is the hallmark of the campaign. Updating the city Website, promoting the new strategic direction, working with local real estate agents to feature Lamoni properties online, utilizing social media to focus on Lamoni activities and events, and creating an online bulletin board accomplishes that end. “In addition to designing consistent marketing materials promoting the quality of life and worth of Lamoni, the plan calls for utilizing the skills and experience of the community’s retiree residents,” said Les Gardner, retiree and community volunteer. “We have so many accomplished people here who still want to be a part of Lamoni’s future that it’s exciting to imagine how everyone can be involved.” Stimulating enthusiasm and support by Lamoni residents and business organizations through involvement runs throughout Lead On Lamoni.

Visitors and Guests – Come and Leave

“How we welcome visitors is important. First impressions matter. Attracting tourists and travelers to Lamoni not only brings their dollars into our community,” said Barb Stuck, City Administrator, “but a good experience could also bring them back – and more importantly their visit may lead them to return as future residents or locate their business here. It gives Lamoni an opportunity to shine in a way that can positively impact the future.” Making sure the community puts its best foot forward by creating an attractive physical, online, and publication appearance is also an important step. The plan applauds the continued efforts on the part of city leadership to attract a mid-level hotel to the community. Activities and events that focus attention on Lamoni are planned.

Community and Industry Recruitment – Come and Stay

“This fully coordinated marketing program has to reach out beyond the region and tell our story in as many ways possible,” said Alysha Van Laar, Chamber President. “It has to spotlight community events, job openings, businesses, real state, and area attractions by using all the tools readily available.” Internet sites and social media, targeted e-mail campaigns to potential partners and allies, and consistent economic development and growth marketing materials promoting quality of life and worth of Lamoni are part of the Lead On Lamoni effort. The plan also incorporates producing a sales kit, participating in various related state and national associations, organizations, trade shows, and working with the Iowa Economic Development Authority.

“Sure, Lead On Lamoni is a pretty complex plan,” said Ethan Pitt, Decatur County Development Director, “and at first glance, it looks like it’s not an easy one to undertake. That’s why it has been broken up into phases so we can accomplish it little by little until one day we’ll have all the pieces in place. And I think when that happens, Lamoni will be well positioned for the future.”

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