Moving Lamoni Forward

Contact: Gary Rees –
Organization: Lamoni City Hall, 190 S Chestnut St, Lamoni, IA 50140
Written By: Gary Rees
Date: April 28, 2016

“Looking towards the future and making sure Lamoni is well positioned to meet it,” Mayor Doug Foster said, “is one of the most important things elected officials and residents of our community can do.” Recently, the marketing committee sponsored by the Lamoni Economic Development Corporation completed a multi-faceted, comprehensive plan to chart a course towards establish the building blocks for success in the years to come.

The marketing committee represented by the Lamoni Area Chamber of Commerce chairperson, Alysha Van Laar, Decatur County Development Director – Ethan Pitt, and City Councilman Jordan Omstead worked with Connell Communications to develop the plan. Connell Communications customizes a full range of strategies to achieve results in marketing services that help clients meet their goals. “We first worked with Connell Communications as we began to develop our airport initiatives,” Omstead said. “We were so impressed with them that we expanded our partnership to a full city marketing project.” Funding for the project came from Hotel/Motel Tax funds.

After first clearly defining the direction Lamoni wants to go, keeping the community informed about the goals and initiatives was the next priority. “We think communication is the key to creating the enthusiasm necessary to drive the changes that are necessary,” Foster said. Foremost among these goals is to grow Lamoni school system classroom size and then to keep the community’s high school and Graceland University graduates from moving away with high quality career opportunities by helping current businesses expand and attracting new ones. GU graduates will not only fuel these new businesses, but they can also generate new business startups with their entrepreneurial spirit and drive.

Attracting more visitors to our city by promoting events and activities – and its appearance – is paramount to the success of this venture. “In addition to developing publicity material, the plan accentuates the importance of stimulating a mindset of beautification and pride,” Marcy Biesemeyer, Lamoni Beautification Committee chairperson said. “It’s well known that the more physically attractive a community is reflects on how that community is perceived by visitors – and future business development.”

“People who visit Lamoni identify it as a small town with big dreams,” Alyssa Connell, Connell Communications marketing executive, said. “It’s so important that your community projects such a positive image. In addition, we’ve found that Lamoni has a can do spirit with a talented and energetic foundation of volunteers to propel it into the future.” Lamoni has maintained a consistent and stable population base since 1980. Its strategic geographic location at Interstate 35 and Highway 69 between I-80 and I-70 enhances its appeal to businesses looking to locate near transportation spokes.

“We’re pleased with this strategy. I know moving Lamoni forward requires a dedicated community effort,” Foster said. “To be successful, all of us have to pitch in and be positive about the future. That’s why I liked it – because I know we have the people who have the commitment and attitude to make it work.”

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