Lead On Lamoni

Imagine getting off I-35 at Exit 4 and turning west into Hwy 69 towards Lamoni on what has become the “miracle mile.”

A welcome sign announces: LAMONI | Population: 10,000.

Lead On Lamoni.

New restaurants, luxury hotels on both sides of the highway.

Where the landscape was lined left and right with open fields and crops, it is now growing with technology businesses, distribution centers, and new manufacturing plants.

Overhead a corporate airplane approaches a landing on the new 4,000 foot Lamoni regional airport runway.

New jobs have come to Lamoni. New opportunities. Graduates from Lamoni High School find challenging and rewarding careers at home in their own community.

University students from all over the world look to Lamoni for their education – and find their home, their future. A sense of vibrancy has come to our city. The downtown bustles with excitement; hair salons, coffee shops, restaurants and cafes…

Lead On Lamoni is the beginning of this transformation – the first step forward in a brighter direction. It is that arrow that points to the future, the stability of a better tomorrow.

Together as a community, we have to take the next steps and a giant leap and purse the sights and sounds of that future. There’s a place and purpose for all residents and business professionals to participate in Lead On Lamoni.

Now is the time to share your time and talent.

See you at the Crossroads of Family and Community as we Lead On Lamoni.

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