Lead on Lamoni Story

Lamoni’s logo and icon are the “look” of Lamoni’s new marketing plan.  It features unique aspects of Lamoni’s personality and has been designed to symbolize a vision for the future.   Its purpose is to stand alone, send a message, and be remembered.  And, most importantly, it highlights and represents the community – it is the face of Lamoni?

“The logo’s icon inner white cross is intended to represent the Interstate 35 and Highway 69 intersect,” Van Laar said.  “In addition to characterizing the intersection, it indirectly pays tribute to Lamoni’s faith foundation.”  The four quadrants and their colors each create movement and dynamic flow spotlighting the major components of Lamoni and portraying its potential for growth.

The colors reflect the blue and yellow of Graceland University.  Red portrays the Lamoni Community School District.   “In addition to utilizing the colors we already identify with our community, yellow stands for our historic roots, red for family, blue for agriculture, and silver for industry and technology – all important values we want to emphasize,” Van Laar said.  “It is a shorthand way for people to identify our strengths and goals.”

Lead on Lamoni also tells the Lamoni story:

  • The Crossing of Pride and Progress
    Experience beautiful Lamoni – located at the intersection of life.
  • The Crossing of Family and Future
    Strong family values – the greatest lasting legacy of our community.
  • The Crossing of Education and Opportunity
    Founded on the principles of exceptional learning and development.
  • The Crossing of Advancement and Innovation
    Enriched in agriculture. Engaged in commerce. Connected to the world.

Lead on Lamoni with its logo, tagline, and icon presents a visual introduction to Lamoni’s overall marketing identity.  “Look for it to begin making its appearance on stationery, websites, business cards, and brochures soon.  Wherever Lamoni is promoted or represented visually, the icon will be part of the design,” Van Laar said.  “We believe this new look will help direct people to Lamoni.”

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