LDC: Working for the Betterment of Lamoni

Contact: Rick Lindgren, President Lamoni Development Corporation
Organization: Lamoni Development Corporation
Written By: Rick Lindgren
Date: April 28, 2016

As President of the Lamoni Development Corporation (LDC), I’m excited about the Lead On Lamoni marketing campaign that is now being unveiled. LDC is a non-profit community trust organization with the purpose of enabling community development projects for the betterment of the citizens of Lamoni, Iowa. The linking of websites for the City, local businesses, and community organizations will certainly help build a coordinated community development effort.

Within the last year, LDC has worked closely with community businesses, government, and educational institutions to move forward several business development initiatives, including:

  • Sponsoring an integrated Master Plan, developed with the professional assistance of McClure Engineering and underwritten by several Lamoni community participants. This plan focuses on key opportunities for developing the I-35 Exit 4 interchange as well as improving the US-69 gateway into the city.
  • The groundbreaking of our largest development project to date, a new building for Freedom Racing LLC as the first phase of a business park development just south of the Lamoni airport.
  • The purchase of our first distressed property to be demolished and improved with the cooperation of the City of Lamoni. We plan this to be a model for property re-development in the city.

We look forward to working closely with the Lead On Lamoni campaign as we continue to move Lamoni forward.

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