Campaign Connects with Local Schools

Contact: Chris Coffelt, Superintendent, (641) 784-3342
Organization: Lamoni Community Schools
Written By: Chris Coffelt, (641) 784-3342
Date: April 28, 2016

As the Superintendent of the Lamoni Community School District, I’m excited to see the development of the Lead On Lamoni marketing campaign. Linking local businesses, community organizations, and the City is a great way to connect and coordinate the different entities that constitute Lamoni.   The Lead On Lamoni campaign allows the school district to connect with the City and local businesses in a way that emphasizes our role within the community and illustrates the partnership that exists with Lamoni Schools.   It’s exciting that community leaders are building upon past progress, through this initiative, to lead Lamoni toward a brighter future.

For the Lamoni Community Schools to be a part of this effort is a natural connection and parallels our own work, as we have recently created a new website. The Lamoni Schools website was built to highlight our vision for providing a quality education that allows all children to graduate prepared for whatever they may choose to do in life. Lead On Lamoni allows us to reach a broader, more diverse market and demonstrates Lamoni’s focus on the importance of education and the school’s connection to the community.   It is my hope that the increased cohesion of the different sites coming together will better show potential residents what a great school system and community Lamoni has to offer. We look forward to participating in this endeavor and realizing the results of Lead on Lamoni!

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